Tom Mosakowski, Brattleboro resident


I would like to share the perspective that:
-since the Connecticut River once was the ecological lifeblood of our region and could be again if restored,
-since hydropower need not be in the form of dams in order to restart/kickstart the electrical grid and to rapidly ramp electricity generation up and down,
-since solar and wind electricity generation can, and nearly always does, occupy sites with vastly less ecological importance and productivity than dams, and
-since the cost of solar and wind electricity generation is currently comparable to the cost of hydropower and will continue to decline;

all dams on the mainstem of the Connecticut River should be phased out, the Northfield Mountain facility should be retained, and, if needed, additional pumped storage facilities should be developed.

Thank you for considering.

February 12th, 2021


My hopes for the Conn. R are that it recover from Vermont Yankee + that it never will have to have another spill of waste into it. I’d love to go kayaking in it or fishing but am too old to do more than enjoy seeing it on more drives around the Brattleboro area. I was on the NE coalition on Nuclear Power in the 70s + the same issues remain about waste… Think on what New England would suffer if some of these strange contaminents leaked in our beautiful river! No, don’t think, pray.

February 22nd, 2016


I have lived along 3 rivers Concord, Ashuelot, & Connecticut I spent a year studying the Concord River all the way to Lowell A park was made in Lowell as a result. (I worked for the NE Rivers Assoc.)

February 22nd, 2016